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Have you ever noticed no one has ever taught you how to be happy?

Parents teach us how to walk, talk, eat, be polite, and function perfectly within the spheres of societies’ traditions and expectations to gain social acceptance.

Schools teach us how to read, write, do math, and understand history in preparation to a job that one day should help us reach career achievements and thus financial maturity.

But they never really taught us how to claim the most wanted triumph in life: TO BE HAPPY! I think this is simply because nobody knows the answer to this question or we merely think that being socially accepted and professionally successful are the steps to eventually be happy.

In my opinion, NOT TRUE! Happiness has nothing to do with such external and materialistic things. Happiness is internal; a peaceful mind is happy, a tranquil soul is happy, and without these you will never reach true happiness.

Now, how to get to this point?

I believe – materialistically speaking – each person needs very different things to “seemingly” reach their happiness. So, let’s take this purely from an internal perspective.

“Happiness is a decision” – you have heard it a million times before, but have you ever sat yourself down and thought how and what you require to make this very decision.

I have! And I have to say that in different phases in my life, my answer varied and every few years I find myself altering one thing, adding another, or even scratching some altogether.

That’s why I can’t teach you happiness – after all, I have said at the beginning that you can’t learn happiness – You have to find your own happiness path yourself.

So take the time today, ask yourself some questions and find out your happiness plan, approve it, believe it, no matter what others tell you – No one knows YOU like you do! BUT REMEMBER!!!

There is no such thing as ultimate happiness in life, because this is life, it is not meant to be perfect, you are not meant to be perfect – Let’s keep this optimality for heaven!

Here is my current very simple happiness plan – and yes, you can cheat 😉


If you have a talent or a gift, share it with the world – making others happy will always keep you content. But never over do it on your own account, this will turn the tables and make you too unhappy really.


If you like being something, don’t pretend it, BE IT! Pretending something will get you the approvals of others and a level of “fake” feeling of being content but won’t get you any closer to your own approval which is the most satisfying. The more you get people approving your fake personality, the more you will feel less about yourself because you (and only you) know it is not true!


Don’t let others tell you what is “supposed” to happen. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone and doesn’t disobey the major codes of life; you decide, you do, you don’t care!


Live truly in the moment, don’t think tomorrows or next years.

YES, you have to be ambitious and make plans! But don’t tie yourself down or be too harsh on yourself carrying out those plans.

Who knows what tomorrow is like, who knows if you will be the same person then? Believe that something (one little thing) can happen tomorrow and change your whole perspective on everything.

Believe that whatever happens today is GOOD even if you can’t verify it yet.


This one is simple. Don’t do something that defies your beliefs and core idealogy. If you can push yourself to do it once or twice, you won’t be able to do it for your whole life. Worst case scenario, this will change the shape of your personality and you will never be happy with who people think you are.

If you love singing, sing and don’t care if you sound amazing.

If you love simple furniture, furnish you house as such and don’t care that people will say your home isn’t full of expensive items.

If you prefer accessories over diamonds, don’t listen to those telling you are a grown-up girl and diamonds are more suitable to you.

Society overlays so many weird beliefs on us really! If you love beauty, join AVTREE, receive cool surprises, and pamper yourself a little. We all deserve it!

Author: Sherihan Hassabo – AVTREE Founder

A passionate contributing writer in a number of lifestyle magazines with a special zest to express my opinion about controversial subjects and a core belief that a piece of advice, an idea, or even sharing stories can go a long way serving others gain a different perspective on the essential aspects of life!