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What You Need To Know

Welcome to avtree – your gateway for personal beauty! Here are some questions that are frequently asked to help you navigate through the concept and all its details.

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AVTREE is the 1st and only personalized beauty subscription box service in Egypt dedicated to beauty and personal care enthusiasts. AVTREE are the sole providers of the subscription beauty box in Egypt allowing members to receive 5 beauty sample products personalized and selected for you by AVTREE’s exclusively developed system called AVsee…read more about AVTREE

We personalize your boxes using AVTREE’s exclusively developed system called AVsee. It looks at the you provided on your beauty profile and product reviews to match you with the best box sets.

We’re a sampling service with a main aim to provide you with a trial step of all the products we believe you might like before purchasing the full-size ones from its vendors.

Moreover, we want to introduce you to products you might not have tried before and encourage you to encounter products categories that you rarely use by choice. Thus, we care that all our box sets include a little bit of everything.

Since we try to match you with the best overall set, you may not love every product we send—but we encourage you to try everything you get. You may find a new favorite!

Beauty profile

We use the beauty profile you filled out when you joined to understand your preferences, challenges, and unique beauty taste. Keep in mind that your selections aren’t meant to predict what we’ll send. Not selecting something doesn’t guarantee we’ll never send it since box sets can have a wide variety of products.

If you want to change what you’ve been getting, updating your profile is a great way to start. You can update it any time by logging into your account >click ‘MY Beauty Profile’ > click ‘EDIT’

Product reviews

We use your product reviews to help match you with the items we feature each month, so make sure to keep up with your reviews! The more feedback we have from you, the more personalized your boxes will be.

5 sample items from different brands and categories curated to fit your beauty preferences selected in your beauty profile. We don’t reveal the box content. It is always a surprise and part of AVTREE experience. But you can know our partner brands to know what to expect in your future boxes.

Take a beauty quiz to personalize your experience and create a profile becoming a member of the AVTREE Community.

This is an advance subscription service. When you start your subscription and complete your payment, you start receiving your boxes from the month after.

By purchasing a Monthly Subscription, you agree to an initial and recurring Monthly Subscription fee at the Monthly Subscription rate of 300 EGP, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your Monthly Subscription at any time, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy.

Once you subscribe and are off the waitlist, AVTREE will automatically process your Monthly Subscription fee in the next billing cycle. AVTREE will continue to automatically process your Monthly Subscription fee each month, until you cancel your subscription.

  • Debit/credit cards.
  • Cash In Advance (Minimum commitment 2 months subscription)

The billing cycle occurs on the 1st of each month (Payments are all in advance – One month before you receive your monthly box).

You start receiving your boxes one month after your payment. All boxes ship out for delivery during the first week of each month. You should always expect your box delivery between 1st and 8th. The courier service will contact you beforehand to arrange your presence at the given address.

You will be able to earn points through leaving reviews on the beauty products you receive in your monthly boxes by logging into your account, clicking the “REVIEW” Button, and following the instructions to leave your reviews.

You can earn 3 Point for each product review.

Once you reach 100 points, you can redeem your points by a special 50% discount on your next monthly box.

Once you reach 200 points, you can redeem your points by a FREE monthly box.

You may cancel your Monthly Subscription at any time (at least one month before it is time to receive your next box) by filling the respective form on the “Payment Information” section in your profile and following the cancellation procedures described there.

If you cancel your Monthly Subscription, the cancellation will take effect for your next box monthly billing cycle. You will not be eligible for a refund for monthly subscription fees paid prior to the month the cancellation takes effect.
If you are on the waitlist you cannot cancel by logging into your profile, so please email us using the same email to cancel your waitlist position for the Monthly Subscription.

If you cancel your Monthly Subscription, you can re-subscribe any time–subject to a new position on the waitlist.

You may not return any box you receive. If you have concerns about the box you have received or any of the products in it, please fill the respective form on the website and we will work with you to address your concerns.

Our Beauty box subscriptions are in high demand so you may be placed on a waitlist when you first subscribe to the program. We try to convert members from the waitlist into active members as quickly as possible, but the timing depends on a number of important factors including our ability to find and source the best and highest-quality brands and products that successfully meet the personal interests and needs identified in each new subscriber’s beauty profile.

We never want to compromise the caliber or experience of the program.

Once we have openings for additional active members, we contact members on the waitlist to inform them that they are now transferred to being an active member and we give them details of when they will receive their first box. Additional, at different points each month, we communicate special promotions to skip the waitlist through email and the AVTREE social network channels. These promotions are intended to reward our biggest fans for helping to spread the word about AVTREE through social media.

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