When will I be billed/ How does billing work?

When You Subscribe: Every now and then, we announce the opening of a “Payment Window” for members to skip the Waitlist and become Active members. Once you login to your account and click “Start My Payment”, we bill you in advance for the service to start and send you your first box the month after. Your membership will automatically renew until you cancel.

Monthly Billing:

You’ll be billed automatically on the 1st day of each month (unless you cancel before the 25th of the preceding month). If we’re not able to collect your payment through the automatic attempt, we’ll send you an automatic notification email that your renewal is failing with the steps to follow to make your payment yourself within 72 hours.

Loyalty Plan (bi-annual) Billing:

You’ll be billed for another 6-months subscription on the 1st day of your last box month. For example, if you started your loyalty plan membership in January 2020, your first box will be February and last box will be July), we would bill you for your renewal on July 1st to continue receiving boxes for 6 more months (August 2020 to January 2021)

Cash in Advance (CIA) Billing:

An agent will come to your given address to collect the payment when you fill the request form (within 1 week). Your automatic renewal occurs on the 1st week of your last box month. If you wish to cancel the service and not receive an agent for renewal, you must fill a cancelation request form (if you miss this step, an agent will automatically come to collect the renewal fees and you will afford the cash collection fees – EGP 50 – in case of rejection)